Weekly Snapshots

Just showing my FOTD and my new tumbler! :)  I tried to organize my lipsticks, but then I realized I need two more lipstick holders. By the way, I got the one you see in the photo here for 3€.  My little munchkin. I'm gonna really miss him!  My new phone case has finally arrived! I've been waiting for it for more than a month! Ugh.  Another make-up look of the week.  I managed to pack everything! My suitcase weights 21 kg, so I'll definitely have to pay excess baggage when I go back. The limit is 23 kg. Pretty ridiculous for an overseas flight if you ask me...

P.S. As you're reading this, I'm either on a plane or already in California. I only managed to schedule one more post, so I'm not sure how empty or full my blog will look for the next three weeks. I'm planning to do daily vlogs, so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to watch them. I hope I'll have enough time to edit them and fast enough wi-fi to upload them regularly. If not, I'll see you in three weeks! Ohh, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram, because I'm pretty sure I'll be updating it constantly. If you don't have it on your phone, you can see my photos online here.  :)

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  1. Ta makeup s črnim svinčnikom ti pa res ful paše!<3 Pa lepo se imej! xx

  2. Really need a lipstick holder! My lipsticks are just in a box and sometimes I forget what lipsticks I actually have!


    Jamie ♥

  3. Have a fabulous time in Cali! So jealous! I was just thinking of my NYC trip (as I always do, lol) and wishing I were back in the US. Benji is too cute - I love when you post pics of him on Instagram!

  4. Se strinjam z Jano - res ti paše tale look<3 bi mogoče lahko enkrat naredila objavo tega makeup look-a?:)

    Pa fuuul me zanima,katere šminke oz. oddtenke imaš na tejle drugi slikci.:)))

    Lepo se imej v Californii!

    1. Hvala! Sem že posnela video za ta look, sam še ne vem kdaj bo gor. :)

      Ne vem na pamet, lahko naredim lipstick collection post al pa video ko pridem domov... :D

  5. Eee I hope you have an amazing time in California! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. Ouuun his little face is so sad!! Just wanna hold him and pet him. SO sweet!
    Have an amazing time in Cali =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  7. Kok je hud tisti drugi makeup :D Big like!


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