Today I'm here to present you my lovely current advertiser - Gemleys is a London based brand that focuses on designing exquisite sterling silver and 24kt gold jewellery, using the finest of gemstones sourced from around the globe. Whether it be gold, silver or precious gemstones, they believe that jewellery is a valuable accessory to every woman's life. Their handrafted pieces range from clasically modern to ultimate trendsetting jewellery, perfect for the home or the workplace, or for that ideal gift. I personally love their tiny bow ring in sterling silver. How cute?!

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  1. These are really cute! I clicked through thinking that they were going to be totally out of my price range, but they're surprisingly affordable. I might pop the gold bird on top of the yellow gem (reminds me of an apple) on my wishlist.

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree


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