Weekly Snapshots + Giveaway Winner

My mom went a bit overboard with Halloween decorations this year. She placed this really scary witch right in front of our door! Thank god it ran out of batteries and doesn't produce scary laughs whenever one gets close to it anymore. Otherwise, I'm sure our postman would stop delivering packages to us!  I might have developed an obsession with messy buns...  Who's watched the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special? My sister and I are kind of obsessed with the show, so we couldn't wait to watch it. I was super happy about the ending, as things finally started moving forward, and I'm also glad that Ravenswood started. I really liked the first episode, so I can't wait to see next ones.  I made my 'famous' rice dish again, as my sister is obsessed with it and wants to eat it all the time. I'm also considering filming a cooking video soon to show you how I make it. Would you be interested in seeing that?  We had a really gorgeous sunset a few days ago.  Carrot soup for lunch.  I tried out those feet bags a few days ago and am now waiting to see if they will do their magic. Apparently my feet should start peeling and that in two weeks time, they should be super soft! I'll keep you posted.  I cannot believe my sister went through my trash while I was in the shower, found some empty chocolate packaging and left me this little message on the table. Hilarious! 

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P.S. The winner of my KKCenterHk giveaway is Simona Ribič. Please e-mail me your address so I can forward it to KKCenterHk. 

P.P.S. I just got asked if I'll be doing an international secret santa swap again this year, and since it went really well last year, I decided to organize one again. I'll be putting up the post with all the details in about a week or so, but I would appreciate if you could help me out choosing the price range for the gifts. :)


  1. Tale del pretty little liarsov je bil, vsaj zame, kar precej skeri :D Ampak, končno se kaj dogaja :D

  2. Mene zanima tale swap pa sem šla pogledat to post, ki si ga imela lani in se mi zdi, da je tako čisto ok, 20-30 eur ali nekaj takega :) odvisno iz kje so potem še druge punce, da ne bo poštnina potem pol toliko hehe :)


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