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Since I read a lot of different blogs and browse through my favourite online shops on a daily basis, it sometimes happens that I come across some really good deals. I usually share them on my social media accounts (mainly twitter), but I just figured out that it might be a good idea to share them on my blog as well from now on, because it would reach more people, and I'm sure most of you love finding out about some great deals and sales going around. Especially around Christmas time. Don't worry, I'm not planning to turn my blog into a spam machine. I doubt that I'll be publishing these posts frequently, but some deals I've come across recently are just too good not to share!

Today's deal is regarding Sigma Beauty, which is a company very close to my heart. And face. On a daily basis. Their makeup brushes are the first makeup brushes I've ever bought and they're still going strong after being used for more than three or even four years. They are very affordable compared to other brands, and I honestly didn't expect them to be so good! Even my make-up artist school instructor said that they are wonderful when I showed them to him. Lately, the company has been coming out with even better quality brushes and also other makeup products, so their website is definitely worth taking a look at! 

But enough about me only raving about their products. The reason behind this post was to share their amazing offers with you! Truth to be told, the only thing that has been holding me back from buying more of their products were high shipping charges. But I guess my prayers were answered because they're currently offering FREE FIRST-CLASS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all items! The offer is valid from the 28th of November (12:00 am CST) until the 29th of November (11:59 pm CST). To get free shipping, you need to use the code BF2013 at checkout. Oh, and you also get a free gift with any purchase over $30. You get the mini version of E25 Blending Brush, which is by the way my favourite brush from Sigma!

But this is not it. They're also doing another offer a few days later! On December 2nd, from 12:00 am CST until 11:59 CST they're offering 20% off select brushes, kits, makeup and accessories. There is no minimum purchase necessary. You just have to use the code CM2013.

Will anyone be taking advantage of these offers? I might go with the first one! Also, I have quickly put together some sort of a collage featuring my favourite Sigma items that I already own and the ones that are on my wishlist, in case you need some shopping inspiration! :)

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