Sandra Reads: Confessions of a Hostie

Today I have a little bit of a different post for you guys. If you've been following my blog for a few years, you will probably remember that I used to have a semi-regular 'Sandra Reads' section on my blog, but I've been so busy for the past year that I haven't even had  time to sit down and read a proper book. That was until I got the opportunity to review Confessions of a Hostiewritten by Danielle Hugh. After having read the short description, I knew that this book would be right up my alley, so I decided to ditch my late night TV show watching for some book reading.

I don't know if you knew that, but working as a flight attendand has always been on my bucket list. I'm obsessed with travelling and I think that being able to travel for work all the time would be super awesome.  And no, the thought of long hours, constant jet lag and no time to settle down does not scare me. Exploring new places and shopping all over the world make everything seem worth it, haha. Now I don't know what the future holds for me and whether or not I will ever be able to apply for this job, but in the meantime, I can live my dreams - and possibly a few of my nightmares - through Danielle's amazing stories.

Both Confessions of a Hostie and More Confessions of a Hostie are full of funny and not so funny anecdotes that Danielle, an international hostie, decided to share with all of us. In her twenty years of working as a flight attendant, you can imagine that she experienced many amazing, once-in-a-lifetime things, but also had do deal with a great amount of uncomfortable, disgusting and scary situations. I'm not going to lie, some of them definitely make me question my wish to work as a flight attendant, but at he same time, they also make the books very enjoyable to read. With her humour and unexpected events in the story, the author managed to keep me awake and have my attention throughout the whole book, both times, even though I was usually reading them very late at night, tired and ready to be turned off for the night. I just couldn't stop turning the pages! Danielle is the first author after Sophie Kinsella that had that kind of effect on me, so I hope she is planning to write a few more books. I would definitely be the first one in line to read them.

Now before you run away to get a copy for yourself, I have another surprise for you! I actually got the chance to interview Danelle, who was kind enough to answer all of my questions during her Bangkok layover. I hope you'll find the interview interesting, and don't forget to let me know whether you'll read the books and if you've ever had a secret wish to work as a flight attendant as well. :)

1) Besides blogging, I also film youtube videos, and one of the most popular beauty oriented videos on youtube is called ' What's in my Travel Make-up Bag'. I've noticed that pretty much all hosties always look very put together and wear pretty make-up, so I thought I would ask you which products you usually carry in your travel/work make-up bag? I'm sure my readers would love to know that, and I have to admit, I'm very curious about it myself.

Gee Sandra, you are very generous in saying we all look very put together & wear pretty make-up. I can tell you we don’t always feel that way. Most of the girls use well-known branded ‘long-lasting’ make-ups. I shouldn’t mention brand names, but MAC is popular. It doesn’t matter how long-lasting they are meant to be, on long flights, the trick is to reapply – and reapply. Air travel is very dehydrating, especially to the skin, so a good (and very large tub) of moisturizer is essential - for everywhere. 

2) After so many years of flying around the globe and visiting amazing places, what would you say is your favourite place on Earth? And are there any places you haven't visited yet, but would love to?

I have traveled more than anyone I know, but there are more places I haven’t been to, than I have. I could be clique and say my favorite place on earth is home, which it is, but I’ll mention a few places I love. As an international hostie I fly all over the world, but our destinations are major cities; hubs. What I like with work is different to traveling on my own agenda. Of the big cities I, like most, love are: New York, Paris, London, Sydney,  Rome, San Fran, Rio, Budapest, Cape Town, Prague, Amsterdam, etc. – there are so many fabulous cities.  Of the lesser known, smaller cities and regions, I love: Krakow (Poland), Interlaken (Switzerland), Bruges (Belgium), San Sebastian, (Spain), all of Tasmania (Australia), the Bay of Islands (New Zealand),  Santa Cruz to Monterrey incl. Half Moon Bay (south of San Fran, USA), the French Riviera, the Amalfi coast (Italy), Tuscany (Italy – in fact anywhere in the world where they grow wine!), the coastlines of Scotland and Ireland, the Greek Islands, Petra (Jordan), The Great Barrier Reef, The Caribbean,   – gee; there are just so many places. It’s a big world out there and so much fun to explore. I want to jump on a plane and go somewhere right now!!    

3) Us girls love shopping, and I myself always make time for shopping whenever I travel. After reading your books, I got an impression that you are familiar with a lot of great shopping places, so which one would you name 'the best shopping destination'?

Great gals think alike! Favorite shopping place? New York. I think most girls who have been to NY would say that. I love a bargain – and there are plenty to be had all through the U.S., but New York is condensed and so easy to get around. It is called the Big Apple for a reason. It is a fantastic city. Downtown Macys department store is so big it should come with its own postcode. I have two New York back to back trips after Christmas, so I'm salivating at the shopping thought. The after-Christmas sales in New York!... what girl on the planet wouldn’t love that?   

4) Another beauty question. I'm always having problems with dehydrated skin when I travel and I'm sure you definitely know what I'm talking about since you have to deal with this on a daily basis. Do you have any particular skincare savious that you use to help you combat the problem?

Dehydrating skin is a big problem on flights, particularly long sectors. Most hosties drink lots of water onboard. It is essential to keep the whole body hydrated. As far as skincare tips go: use a really good moisturizer on the face – and use lots of it preflight before you apply make-up. Really let it soak on. Then use a primer, followed by make-up. Once make-up is on it is difficult to reapply a moisturizer, so the trick is to get it right first up.


  1. Great post, I really wanna read these books now, haha!
    And I actually never thought about it, but for start I wanna fly somewhere and see how will I handle with fear... :)

  2. You have nothing to be afriad about. I love flying! :)

  3. Those books sound amazing. Might buy them for myself for Christmas :) great interview too.

  4. I read these books and they were so brilliant and such a great read. She writes amazingly well and is very humorous!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  5. Intervju mi je ful všeč! Super, da si se lahko takole "pogovorila" z njo ;) Knjiga zgleda fajn, mogoče bom kdaj prebrala :)

  6. Fajn intervju, res zanimivo za brat :)


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