Sugar (& Spice) Make-up Tutorial

After a hectic few days, I'm finally back to blogging and youtube. I had plans to blog and vlog A LOT this month, but I'm currently dealing with some personal issues, so I decided to slow things down. This means that I unfortunatelly won't be doing Vlogmas or Blogmas, but I'll still try to come up with as much other fun, festive content as I can. Today, I have a make-up tutorial for you! It's a part of the collab that I'm doing with Andrea from frominsidemycloset. She's an amazing (and totally gorgeous) blogger and youtuber, and I'm glad we had a chance to collaborate. Our collab is called 'Sugar & Spice' and we're both doing make-up looks inspired by one of the two words. You can watch both of our videos below! :)


  1. Ful lep make up<3 kako si zadovoljna z Revlonovim matte powder-jem? Če smem vprašat, kateri program imaš za urejanje videa?

    1. Hvala! Z Rimmelovim misliš? Meni je super za fiksirat in matirat pa sploh se ne vidi, da ga imaš gor, ker se nič ne prime suhih flekcev. Zakon je. Videe pa urejam s CyberLink PowerDirector.

  2. Lep makeup in ful maš lepo kožo, prav žarečo!


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