London Fashion Haul

The first part of my London haul is finally here! Sorry that it took me almost two weeks to put it up, but as you probably know, I got sick and unfortunatelly couldn't film at all. Anyway, in today's video, I'll be showing you all the clothes, shoes and accessories I've picked up during my trip to London. I was a little bit disappointed with this year's offer, because the knitted sweaters seemed to be the main theme of all the stores I went to, but I still managed to find some cute pieces for myself. I hope you'll enjoy watching the video! Let me know if you also like any of the items I've picked up. :) 


  1. Kimono je huuuud!

    Lepe stvari si nakupila in prelepa kot vedno.

  2. Love this haul, you picked up some great things! I love the grey jumper :)


  3. Gležnarji, ogrlice <3 Fauš! Sem pa cel video samo tvojo šminko gledala, #fierce! :D


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