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Hey guys! I am now officially back from London. I came home on Tuesday evening, but I got super sick at night, so I've been spending the last few days in bed, catching up on all the blog posts and videos I've missed, and putting together my London vlogs. As you will see, the vlogs are a little bit different from the ones I did previously. In my old US and Val Thorens vlogs, I was talking to a camera and filmed myself waking around, but this time, I decided to do voiceovers, as the situation I was in was very different.

When I was in the States I was speaking English all the time and was accompanied by two other youtubes who were also doing daily vlogs, so it was very easy and natural for me to film myself doing stuff, but in London, this would be just way too awkward. I was there with my family and some family friends with whom I obviously communicated in our own lanugage - Slovene - so I couldn't film any of our conversations, and I would also feel super uncomfortable talking into a camera in the middle of a very busy city. I know, I know, I was doing the exact same stuff when I was in California, but I feel like they're used to people vlogging there, because I didn't get such strange looks as I would if I decided to vlog here in Europe.

Anyway, please let me know how do you find these vlogs and which style of vlogging you prefer. Talking to a camera on the go or voiceovers? I would really like to know because I'm going to Bali in August and I was thinking about vlogging, but I'm not yet sure how I'll go about it. I'm travelling with my family and a bunch of family friends again, so I'll probably have to do voiceovers, but there's also a chance of me combining both styles. So, yeah, I would love to know your thoughts!

Now I'll go and leave you with my two London vlogs. I really hope you'll enjoy watching them! And for those of you asking... yes, I'll be showing you everything that I bought in London and I actually also have two giveaways ready for you! I just need to get healthy and get my voice back before I can sit in front of the camera and film all the videos I have planned. 


  1. Zivjo :) Men se oba tvoja vloga iz Londona zdita super in mislim, da je tud voiceover super zadeva, če jo dobro nardiš in mislm, da je teb odlično uspel tko, da jst navijam za voiceover :) pa tudi, če bo kombinacija obojga zna bit dobt. :D

  2. at the moment I can't listen to your videos, but I can say the forst pic is amazing! I don't think you would get strange looksin London, they are used to see everything!!! :)

  3. I had NO idea your dad filmed us, hahahaah!

    1. Me neither, haha! Imagine my surprise when I was going through the footage. XD


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