The Week When I Went to London

Two weeks ago, I published my last 'Weekly Snapshots' post in which I've told you I'm saying goodbye to the Instagram posts I've been publishing every Sunday for the last two years. I've already talked about the reasons behind my decision, so I'm not going to bring them up again, but just in case you missed the post, you can read all about it here

Having said that, I still wanted to keep my Sunday posts reserved for something personal. I've been doing a lot of brainstorming recently, and today I'm happy to announce the birth of a new Sunday series, where I'm going to let you know what's going on in my life and share with you some things I've discovered or enjoyed throughout the week. So far, I've come up with four categories I want to include in these posts - highlight(s) of the week, song of the week, web finds of the week & beauty tip of the week - but if you have any other suggestions for the things you would like me to talk about every Sunday, please do share them with me. 

Now before I go and leave you read the rest of the post, I would just like to say thank you to Živa, who helped me come up with the idea for naming my Sunday posts. Instead of using a generic title, I will have a new title every week, beginning with 'The Week When...', which is inspired by the way Friends' episodes were named (The one with...). I hope this makes sense, haha. Oh, and by the way, since I haven't put up a blog post last Sunday, today's post will be more or less a summary of the last two weeks rather than just one. I hope you like longer posts! :)

The past two weeks have been very eventful for me and I feel like it's been ages, not weeks, from the rather depressing holiday season. Has anyone else felt the same way about Christmas? The whole holiday felt very unfestive to me this year. I mean, last year. Jeez, my mind is still living in 2013. Anyway, I'm glad that 2014 started on a more positive note for me. 

Two weeks ago, I had my last knee appointment and I finally found out what's wrong. It turns out that my kneecap is slightly bent (probably the result of my knee injury I had years ago) and is rubbing against my cartilage, which is getting damaged. Luckily, my knee muscles are very strong, so my orthopedist said everything should be sorted out after two weeks of magnetic resonance therapy and two months of rehabilitation. Fingers crossed! I really hope my knees will be fixed by the time we go on our annual spring break skiing trip. 

What else happened in the last two weeks? Hmmm... Oh, I finally went to the hair stylist to have my roots done; reached some amazing youtube milestones; filmed, edited and uploaded three videos in one day; and then I packed my bags and jetted off to London with my family and some family friends. In case you want to see what we were up, you can check out these two vlogs.  


Reaching 1000 youtube subscribers. I recently celebrated my one year youtube anniversary, and reaching 1000 subscribers only a few days later was the best gift I could have asked for. I'm not doing youtube because of numbers or popularity, far from that, but there's a lot of effort and time that goes into making videos, so it's truly rewarding to see the number of people who want to watch my videos grow.

Going to see Mamma Mia. The whole London trip was one big highlight for me, but some events I experienced there made the trip even more special. One of them was seeing the Mamma Mia! musical. I've watched The Lion King three times before, and I doubted that any other musical would be as good as that one, but Mamma Mia was fabulous as well. They are for sure very different from one another, but both equally amazing. I can't wait to go to London again so I can go see even more musicals! I think it's safe to say I'm now completely obsessed. The next one on my list is Les Miserables.

Having lunch at Green Pea. Grean Pea is an Irish pub we had lunch in last Sunday after we were done with exploring the Greenwich area. My dad found some great reviews on tripadvisor, so we thought we would give it a go. The pub itself has a very rustic and homey kind of vibe, and is very tiny, so we were very lucky to get a table. People were popping in all the time and quite a few of them had to leave because the owner couldn't fit them in, so I would suggest you to make a reservation in advance if you ever end up going there. I can totally see why this pub seems to be extremely popular among the locals. The food was THE BOMB! The food menu is not the longest, but I can assure you it's the yummiest. We could choose between a Sunday roast, various pies and a few other things that have since then escaped my memory. I went for the chicken pie that was probably sent down from heaven just for me. I've wanted to try a traditional chicken pie for ages, but whenever I visit London, I go for the 'safe' options and always somehow end up in Italian restaurants. I'm ashamed to admit that apart from fish & chips and jacket potatoes, I have not tried any traditional British food yet. Well, until now. I'm telling you, that chicken pie was meant for me. And the fact that I probably ate the tastiest one in town made the whole thing even better. And don't even let me start talking about the chips, veggies and gravy... HEAVEN! All the food we've tried there was amazing and I love how the food is prepared fresh, with quality ingredients. You can definitely tell by the taste! Also, the owner Tom is saracstically hilarious and he's the soul of the place.
Meeting Sara & Samantha. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Starting this blog was best decision I've made in my life. There is no way I would be able to meet so many amazing people from all over the world if I hadn't pressed that 'publish' button three years ago. When I was in London, I was lucky enough to meet two ladies I've got to know through blogging. The first one is Sara (her blog), who came to London from Birmingham for a day and joined my family for some tipical touristy sightseeing. She is such a nice girl and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Sara, if you're reading this, thanks again for the surprise gift! And make sure you send me your Essence wishlist so I can return the favour! Another girl I had the pleasure of meeting is Samantha, an Aussie girl currently living in London and travelling the world. She is super lovely as well, and I really enjoyed chatting to her over the most delicious milkshake at the cutest place at Leicester Square. I'm super jealous of all her adventures and I can't wait to do some more talking when she comes to visit me in Slovenia. :)


Beyonce's Pretty Hurts. I've been obsessing over this song ever since it came out. Not only is it catchy, but it also has a very powerful message. You can watch the music video here


Claire Marshall's 'Favorite Lipsticks' video. Just wow. The amount of work and editing that must have gone into this... Kudos to Claire. I probably watched the video fifty times already. Not kidding. The editing is droolworthy (I feel like such a nerd saying this), and I'm also totally obsessed with the song.

Kandee Johnson's '5 Ways to Have an Awesome Day & Life'. I really needed to see that. And maybe some of you need to see it too, so I thought I would share it.


I got an idea to include 'beauty tip of the week' section here while I was reading Allure magazine a.k.a. The Beauty Bible. This magazine is packed with beauty tips that are just too good not to share, so I hope you'll like this section. Today, I'll let you know how to figure out if or how much your hair is damaged.

To find out if your hair no longer protects the inner structure, you should pluck a dry piece of hair from the back of your head, roll it into a ball and drop it in a cup of water. If the ball sinks in less than 30 seconds, this means that your cuticle is full of tiny gaps and therefore doesn't do a great job at protecting the inner structure of your hair.

Next is elasticity. If you take one piece of your wet hair and pull it  from both ends and the hair breaks without stretching first, your hair obviously lacks elasticity and could break if you expose it to too much brushing, heat and chemicals.

And lastly, broken, damaged hair. You can figure out whether your hair is broken by standing in front of the mirror, with a light illuminating from behind of your head. If you see a lot of short flyaways at the top of the head, you don't have to be worried, as these are only new, baby hair, but if you see flyaways everywhere, this is probably dry, damaged hair.

The end! That was one long post, wasn't it? I promise my other Sunday posts will be much shorter. Trust me, my normal weeks are far from exciting and eventful. I highly doubt that any of you have read this post from the beginning to the end, but it you did, I love you! Remind me to bring you cookies the next time we meet. :D

P.S. What do you think of this new Sunday series? Are you feeling it or not? 


  1. I love them! Right now I'm checking the favorite lipsticks video :)

  2. Res kul ideja za naslov(e)! :) Fouš za London, upam da grem tudi jaz kmalu tja. Pa Claire, oh Claire, biggest gurl crush <3
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

    1. Jaz sem jo šele zdaj odkrila in sem čist obsedena s tem kako edita videe. XD

  3. Kul post! Ful lepe fotke iz Londona :) Haha, vidim, da nisem edina, ki ima girl crush na Claire (Nušin komentar ;)). Tut js sm gledala ta video večkrat kot normalen človek ;) pa še komad mi je zdj všeč postal :D

    1. Hvala! Ja, jaz sem tudi čisto obsedena ratala s komadom. XD

  4. Res odličen post, ga je bilo zelo zanimivo prebrati. In všeč mi je zadnja sekcija z nasveti, so zelo uporabni. :) Pa čestitke za 1000 naročnikov, zaslužiš si jih dosti več. :)

  5. Super objava in ideja za naslov! Si mi z njo poskrbela nekaj dela - pogledat moram tista dva videa in preverit če imam uničene lase :D

  6. London looks so amazing! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :) ♥

  7. Meni je tudi super objava! In seveda sem tud jaz nora na Claire!<3 Mislim saj kdo pa ni :D xx

  8. Luškan post, Sandra :)

    Ful lušno da si se dobila z bloggerkami :)

  9. I am feeling it and love every bit of this post!
    Keep them coming doll!

  10. Sem že preverila svoje lase in niso v ravno najboljšem stanju -.-
    Drugače pa ful dobra ideja za takšne poste, jih bomo vsi z veseljem brali, meni je sploh zadnji del najbolj všeč :D Pa London <3 čudovite slike.

  11. Thank you for keeping us posted of your weekly highlights. Btw, I think the red lipstick looks good on you.

    ~ Evelyn of AND

  12. Looondooon <3! Ga že ful pogrešam :/.



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