The Week When We Had Ice Age & I Did Airbrush

I am back with another Sunday post! Today you will get a two week recap of my life, because I totally ran out time last week and didn't manage to put up a post. I spent all weekend filming, editing and uploading youtube videos, so that I could have some up for you during the time I'm away, busy with my make-up artist courses. I started classes on Monday and I'm already exhausted. All day long concentration and commuting suck the life out of me. Think of one of the scenes from Harry Potter that include Dementors doing their thing to a victim. That's how I feel at the end of the day, haha.

Last week was also the time when I finished with my knee therapies. My knees feel exactly the same as they did before, but the healing is supposed to be a four to six months long process, so I guess I'll have to wait for quite some time before I see any improvements. The only thing I can do now is do knee exercises every day and wait for the magic to happen. I really hope it will.

I feel like I've been talking about the very interesting topic of weather all the time recently, but I just have to mention it again. Holy crap! What happened last week?! We had snow and then rain and then we had ice age. I kid you not. The whole country had literally frozen up. Some people were without electricity for the whole week, the trees were falling down like dominoes, and our driveway turned into an ice rink. I seriously thought I would have to trade my shoes for ice skates. The only one who was loving the whole situation was my dog. He is obsessed with snow and apparently ice as well, because he went mental when I let him outside. He was running around like crazy, chasing frozen snow balls, and feeling super proud of himself that he didn't got stuck in snow (because, you know, it was frozen). He probably had the best birthday he could imagine, haha. Oh, yeah, he turned four years old! I can't believe we've had him for such a long time. Jeez, I feel like a mom saying how kids grow up fast...


Successfully completing the airbrush course. As mentioned, I decided to get back to make-up school to gain even more knowledge about make-up artistry. The program I'll be attending the whole month consists of four courses, and the first one in line was airbrush. I have to admit, airbrush is not my favourite thing in the world. I feel like it is amazing for achieving the perfect, non-cakey and photoshoped-like skin base or creating something more out of the box with the help of stencils, but when it comes to other things, I just find it way too clumsy and out of control. I was holding my breath every time I had to do contouring, since I had no idea where the paint would land. Let's just stay that I'll probably only stick to foundation and highlighting when it comes to airbush, haha. I'm really happy that everything worked out for me at the exam, though. I was expecting the worst outcome, but I don't think I did that bad in the end. You can see the look I created for the exam in the photo below. 


Wild Heart & Can We Dance. My sister is currently loving The Vamps and when she showed me these two songs last week, I was instantly hooked as well. 


P!nk's Grammy's Performance. I haven't been much on the internet for the past few weeks, so I haven't discovered anything worth mentioning, but I have to mention Pink's performance at this year's Grammys. Even though this is tecnically not a web find, since I watched the performance live on the TV. Yes, I am that crazy person that stays up all night until early morning hours to watch the big reward ceremonies. Anyway, back to the performance. I really have no idea how this woman does it! Singing with a perfect pitch while clinging to a few ropes up in the air and doing crazy acrobatics... Just wow. 


Curling eyelashes with a spoon. This is the tip I learned back in November, during the first part of my make-up course. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but it works. You just place a spoon at your lashline (the bottom part facing towards your eye lid), press lashes against the edge of the spoon, and then rotate the spoon upwards. It is based on the same principal as curling a ribbon with scissors. Cool, right? I personally still prefer eyelash curlers, but if you don't have any at home and want to give your lashes a bit of a curl, a spoon should work. 


  1. Sta mi všeč pesmce :) Drugače pa Pink je res zakon ja! :D In čestitke za opravljen tečaj!

  2. Super MU look si naredila, se že veselim poročanja o naslednjih tečajih :) Ah, naša psička pa ni bila navdušena nad ledom, se je premikala kot ena stara omika :D

    1. Hvala! Haha, naš je pa čist obseden s snegom/ledom. Rije kot tak krt v hrib. :D

  3. Čestitke za opravljen izpit. :)
    Jaz moram potrkati po lesu, da čeprav je bilo tudi vse zmrznjeno, na srečo pri nas ni bilo večjih posledic. Je pa kar žalostno stanje povsod drugod po državi. :(
    Naš tudi z ledom ni imel velikega problema, ampak ker smo navajeni hoditi z njim na spreod po njivah, te pa so bile poledenele zaradi dežja, par dni z njim nismo šli in je bila kar katastrofa zanj, ker je ful prosil, da bi šel na sprehod, ampak nismo hoteli tvegati, da si kdo kaj naredi. Na srečo se je potem led stopil. Je pa naš tudi velik ljubitelj snega, pozimi je pri njem veselje vedno na vrhuncu (pa še tak črn z dolgo dlako je, da mu toplo vreme res ne paše :P). :D

    1. Hvala! Jooj, bogi revež. Jaz sem tudi bila kar notri, imamo pa na srečo teraso + dosti trave ograjene, tako da mu kar vrata odpremo in gre lahko sam ven malo laufat. Smo ga že prav razvadili. Vsake pet minut prosi za ven... :D

  4. I love the vamps been following their journey since brad and James had separate you tube channels :) the spoon trick to curl your lashes is amazing xx

  5. I love your dog hehehee
    Can I ask you wich school do you attend to?
    ah..I'm you follower ;)


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