My Top 5 Spring Perfumes/Scents

My Top 5 Spring Perfumes/Scents

I'll be doing a 'top 5' spring beauty series on my youtube channel during the next few weeks, and I thought I would kick it off by showing you five perfumes I gravitate towards the most during this time of the year. As smell-o-vision is unfortunatelly still not a thing, I tried to describe every scent as close as possible, but since I wasn't sure if my nostrils perceived them correctly, I've read you the official descriptions as well. What do you think, did I come close to any of them or failed completely? Let me know what you had thought before you started watching the video! :)


  1. I think you missed them completely :D How nice am I? :D Ampak sklepam po sebi.. Video bom pa pogledala malo kasneje :)

    1. Haha, jaz sem bila istega mnenja (za sebe govorim). :P

  2. wow enjoyed the perfume video!!!

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