The Beauty Scenario Tag

A few days ago Madeline tagged me to do The Beauty Scenario Tag, and I thought that this video would be the perfect oportunity for me to test out my new DSLR camera. I set it up, pressed record, focused it on my face and sat back. Little did I know that moving back five centimeters would result in me being out of focus again. So, yeah, that happened. But since it's just me answering some questions in this video, I decided to upload it anyways. I hope you won't mind the blurry effect too much, haha. Please keep your fingers crossed that I will get it right next time I sit down to film. And the bluriness aside, how do you like the quality of the picture and sound? Is there something that bothers you or is it alright?


  1. That wasnt too bad, i wasnt expecting shady quality! You are so pretty. Gonna follow your channel.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Great video Sandra!

    x Sarah x

  3. This video is great! I don't think it was blurry at al! I really enjoyed this tag! I subscribed to your channel hun! Heres mine x


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