French Skincare Haul

Who likes hauls? I hope YOU do, because I have another one for you today. It would be a crime not to get my hands on some amazing French skincare items when I was visiting France, especially because the products are much cheaper there. Don't you agree? Unlike last year, I was a little more organised with my shopping this time. I had a list full of recommended and hyped up products and focused on checking out those only. Last year, I was a crazy mess. I got really overwhelmed and couldn't decide between throwing everything in the shopping bag or getting out of the store empty handed. This year, however, I was on the top of my game and only got confused about one particular product. And that's just because I don't understand French. Ha! I think even the cashier lady was impressed with my shopping skills. And the amount of money I left at the place probably. I need to rethink the spending part of my stragedy for next year... 

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