The Week When I Published My First Weekly Vlog

Today's Sunday posts, which is yet again published on Monday thanks to my slow computer and internet connection, will be in a different form. Lately I've been obsessing over daily vlogs, and since I needed to test out my DSLR for on-the-go filming before I go to Bali, I decided to give it a go myself. To be honest, I never intended to publish the vlog, because my life is very boring and I assumed nobody would like to watch it, but since quite a few of you wanted to see it it is! This week was probably the most uneventful week ever, so it's basically just me talking to a camera about random stuff a lot, but I also included a quick tour of my beauty room and shared some big news at the end! 
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  1. Yay za vlog. Meni je super in zelo zanimiv za gledanje. We want more!
    Za London ti pa želim vso srečo in upam, da ti uspe vse tako, kot si želiš. :)

    1. Hvala! Haha, ne morem verjet kako je lahko večini všeč in hočejo še kakšnega. Sem mislila, da noben ne bo to gledal... :D


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