Katja Reviews: Yummy Vanilla Body Butter & Chocolate Hand Cream

Yummy Vanilla Body Butter & Chocolate Hand Cream Review

Today's review will be presented by one and only - my sister Katja. My move to London forced me to leave a lot of amazing beauty items that still need to be reviewed behind, so we came up with a fabulous idea of her becoming a regular guest blogger here on The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. Don't worry, I made her go through beauty blogger bootcamp (lead by me) to make sure she's ready for the job, haha. The first two products she was trying out are the ones I received from click2chic at the amazing cakepop event. They're from the brand called Yummy, which perfectly describes the scents of their products if you ask me. But my sister will tell you more about the products themselves in the following paragraphs. Enjoy! 

Vanilla Body Butter comes in a simple yet cute packaging and is not as thick as some other body butters I've tried, which I really like. I'm not too fond of body butters that feel heavy on my skin. I always put on the vanilla body butter before I go to sleep and when I wake up, my skin feels very smooth and not greasy at all. It's super moisturizing, as the ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. The scent is quite self-explanatory - basic vanilla scent. It's not too strong. When you put on the butter, you can only smell it on your skin for about an hour or two. In my opinion, this body butter is perfect for the upcoming dry months, because it moisturizes your skin without being too heavy or greasy, and it doesn't have an overwhelming scent! You get a large quantity of the product, but don't actually need to apply a lot of it, so this pot will probably last me for a few seasons. 

Chocolate Hand Cream's packaging is cute, simple and convenient as well. It says that the smell of it is 'chocolate', but I think it actually smells like chocolate mixed with a bit of orange. A few of my friends pointed that out as well. The scent of the hand cream is stronger than the scent of the body butter. When I put the hand cream on during my recess, my classmates started asking who was eating chocolate cake, because the scent was so rich and yummy. I love the feeling this cream leaves on my skin. It's even lighter than the butter and makes my hands feel super silky. I find that it also works wonders for the dry patches on my elbows that I get when the colder weather arrives.

I really liked both products and would love to try out more. Maybe some fruity ones in the summer time! Have you tried any Yummy products yourself?


  1. Sandra, če ne bi napisala, da je to Katjin prvi blog, tega ne bi niti pomislila. Super spisano! :) In všeč mi je ocena, sploh tale čokoladna krema se dobro sliši ... ;)

  2. I like the packaging on these, cute! x

  3. Glede na to kakšen vonj Katja opisuje pri kremi za roke je najbrž popoln zadetek za zimo :)

  4. Oh my, that body butter looks divine!

  5. Joj, jaz pa malo razočarana nad Yummy. Gozdni sadeži sicer lepo dišijo, ampak čokolada in kokos sta pa polomija, vsaj meni. Preveč umetno :(

  6. Jaz sicer nič ne morem reči, ker izdelkov sama nisem preizkusila. Me pa na splošno ti sladkobni vonji sploh ne pritegnejo, medtem ko jih Katja obožuje.

  7. Lepa objavica! Yummy ima kar nekaj dobrih kremic =)



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