The Week When I Realized My Dream Came True

I've been living in England for a bit over two weeks now and I feel like I'm pretty settled in already. I'm acquainted with the area I'm staying at, I recognize some people's faces on the streets and have even made some new friends. Having said that, not everything is perfect. I stuggled again last week with the little one a few times and had another crying-over-the-phone-to-my-mom mental breakdown, but I can only hope I'll get used to his tantrums and eventually not stress out about it anymore. At the end of the day, I really can't do much about it. When I have no authority and the child refuses to get dressed and go to school in the morning, I can only hope he'll eventually change his mind. Ahh, it's driving me crazy! You know, I'm the kind of person who stresses out over just about anything and this experience might as well be the best practice for me to develop the 'I don't give a ****' attitude once and for all. Speaking of personality changes, I've noticed that I'm becoming less afraid of talking to strangers. As you may or may not know, I do have social anxiety and I tend to avoid unfamiliar social situations as much as I can, but here, I'm completely on my own and talking to strangers is necessary. The au pair mom is constantly sending me to sort things out at the school office and I need to make conversations with employees in various different places on a daily basis.  I've been trying really hard to step out of my comfort zone and start behaving like a normal human being, and so far it's working. Maybe because I'm more relaxed here as no one knows who I am and I don't feel like everyone is judging me. It's great to not feel like I'm not going to have a heart attack every time I open my mouth. I even walk up to people now and ask them if I don't know something I need to know. High five! Again, you probably think I'm completely mental, but this is a pretty big step for me, especially after my (social) anxiety took a turn for the worse last year. 

So, my weekdays were pretty much the same all the time and quite boring (or stressful) last week, so I have nothing new to tell you about that. My weekend, on the other hand, was great. On Saturday I took a train to central London. I was a little bit worried about it since I've only used underground before, but my fear was totally unnecessary. Everything is super organized and clearly indicated, so there's no way you can get lost. It took me 30 minutes to arrive to Waterloo station and when I stepped out and saw the Big Ben and the London Eye, I have to admit, I got a little bit emotional. I'd wanted to live in London ever since I was 12, so the fact that I'm now only a 30 minute train ride away is pretty unbelievable. There's tons of things I still have to go through and do to get my 'perfect life', but at least I made the first step. I'm not gonna lie, it's harder than I thought it would be, but you know what they say. A bad day in London is still better than a bad day anywhere else in the world.
The main reason why I came up to central London was to meet up with a fellow Slovenian blogger Sanja. We'd met a few times before at blogger events back in Slovenia and made a deal to go try Pumpkin Spice Latte together when she visits London. It was really nice chatting to a familiar face and Pumpkin Spice Latte was not too bad either, but due to all the hype, I expected a lot more. To me, it tasted just like a regular latte, and Sanja pretty much agreed with me. In the afternoon, I met up with another familiar face - Lucia. Some of you might remember her from my California vlogs, as we were travelling together. Unfortunatelly, the trip went down south and we stopped talking after we returned home, but she contacted me last week and asked me if we could start our friendship over, which we did. She's also currently in London, trying to find a job and an apartment, so we met up and hung out. We first went to one of my favourite places in London, Covent Garden, where we did some window shopping and had lunch at Shake Shack. I was craving some cheese fires really bad, so it was the best place to go. It was my first time eating there and I was more than impressed. The burger was nothing special, but the fries were heavenly and so was the cranberry lemonade. I'm definitely coming back for more soon! When our bellies were full, and by full I mean FULL, we went to Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus and Carnaby Street. Carnaby Street has always been on my to-do list, but I ran out of time to visit it every time I was in London, so I was really happy I finally crossed it off my list. The main reason to go there was to check out Libery, a gorgeous department store, which I believe is about 150 years old. Talk about tradition! They carry a lot of famous luxury brands in there, so of course I had to go see the often talked about beauty section. It was lovely! I was only looking and swatching since I'm kind of broke, but I'll definitely do some shopping there as soon as possible, that's for sure. 
On Sunday, I stayed in Kingston and went to Richmond Park, which I absolutely adore. It's very close to my house, so I pop over as many times as possible. It's not really a traditional park. It's humongous and feels more like a countryside, which is why I need to make sure I have at least three hours on my hands when I decide to go for a walk there. And I only manage to walk through a tiny portion of it! I still haven't made it to the lakes, which are somewhere in the middle. One day. Anyway, taking walks there is extremely relaxing. There are tons of paths, you can see people riding horses and if you're lucky, you might even spot some deer. Yes, really. They're not shy at all and can get pretty up close and personal. I love it! After three hours of sweating and trying to film some clips for the video I'm planning to put up in about a month, I went back to the house to take a shower and do my 'no makeup' makeup to look a bit more presentable, as I was meeting up with a Slovenian girl who also works as an au pair closeby. We first went to Starbucks, where I got myself some hazelnut hot chocolate (yum!), explored the shops in central Kingston (we both realized we have an unhealthy obsession for home decor) and ended the day by going to Pizza Hut for dinner. Delish! 


  1. Joj, še več takih postih, full rada berem tvoje dogodivščine in gledam slike :)

  2. Kako lep post za prebrati. Sandra, res sem vesela zate, da so se ti uresničile sanje. In super, da te tvoji strahovi niso ustavili, da bi uresničila sanje, Še več takih zanimivih postov. <3

  3. You're new here, and you have more friends than me, despite the fact that I've lived here all my life! I'd say you're doing pretty well, lovely <3

    1. Haha, thank you! I find it easier to make friends over here for some reason. I don't really have any back home. :D

  4. I just saw your Q&A video on Youtube.
    First of all, congrats for making your dream come true.
    Even though this job is not what you want to do for the rest of your life, it's a step that will bring you closer to something better in the future.
    Since you want to find a job there, my advice would be to start really early, finding a job in UK it's not easy and it takes time (I'm talking from experience).
    Best of luck with your new life and try to enjoy as much as possible every moment of it!

  5. Lepo te je blo videt in super, da si začela še bolj uživat. Drugače pa tudi js navijam za še več takih objav, sem že v post London depresiji in rada vidim kake fotke :D


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