The Week When I Started My Internship

If I had to describe last week with only one word, I would say 'productive'. Or 'exhausting'. You choose. I started my beauty PR internship, which is actually ten times better that I thought it would be. I really appreciate them giving me the opportunity to learn how things work in the world of beauty PR. But since I spend most of my days at the office now, I'm struggling a bit when it comes to having time for my other projects. I rarely went to bed before 2 or 3 am last week and had zero relaxation time. I don't think most people understand how much time and work goes into running an online store, a blog and a youtube channel, along with a bajillion corresponding social media sites. It can all get a bit too much. I really wish one day had 48 hours. The fact that I can't execute everything I have planned in my head is driving me bonkers. The only thing that's great about this whole situation is that I actually enjoy everything I'm doing right now, so I have no intention of stopping. Especially now that I finally have a proper internet connection. Here's to many more sleepless nights! :)


  1. Congrats Sandra on your internship!!! I know how exhausting it is to start a new job, but it sounds as if you're loving it too, which is great!! How are the people you're working with? Are there any other people your age; do they maybe do things like go for after work drinks? I seem to remember that was a good way of making friends in England ;). Enjoy where you are now and things will sort themselves out, I'm sure!! Great news that your friend's coming over too. Till next week!!

  2. Great news about the internship, well done! Sounds very interesting. I know what you mean about a day not having enough hours... It's hard to balance blogging with professional life plus personal life! Fingers crossed you can make it all work!


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