The Week When I Showed You My Flat

This week was all about settling in and waiting for our wireless router to arrive. Let me tell you, life without the internet can be pretty hard in this day and age, especially if everything you do is based online. One good thing about not having access to the interweb, though, was that I finally had time to just chill and watch movies. All. Day. Long. While I do try to keep up with all the TV shows I watch, movies are often the ones having to take a backseat, so it's been great to finally check some off of my very long to-watch list. I'll let you know which are worth seeing in my next favourites video. 

Speaking of videos, I have a new weekly vlog for you! Since so many of you expressed in interest in seeing how my new place looks like, I decided to include a quick flat tour. Let me know what you think! 


  1. Lovely vlog (I subscribed) - looks like a great flat too :)


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