The Week When I Watched Eurovision

Last week was all about Eurovision. I'm watching it every single year, hopelessly keeping my fingers crossed for my country to make it at least through to the finals, but this year, something strange happened. I was super excited. I don't know if that was because nothing is going on in my life right now and the Eurovision was the highlight of my month - yes, that's how bad it is - or if the media helped to build up my excitement by reporting Slovenia would do really well this year. Who knows. The point is, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and it made my week a whole lot more fun, even if the final resuls were a bit of a disappointment - Slovenia landed in the 14th place. But hey, al least we were able to compete in the grand final this year. You can listen to my 'top 5' Eurovision 2015 song choices below, under my weekly vlog video. I would love to know who you had your fingers crossed for too! 

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