The Week When My Hair Was a Disaster

If you follow me on Facebook, you might already be up to date with my hair drama that happened last week. Basically, my roots reached a point when they no longer looked acceptable, and since I'm not going home anytime soon, I needed to schedule an appointment with a hair stylist here in London. I've had my fair share of hair disasters, from colouring my hair purple and being unable to get the colour out for a year, to my hair getting accidentally burned by my fellow make-up artists (you can read the story here), but I've never been more distressed or angry about it. I went to Hair Republic Southfields, where I paid 85 pounds for the hair stylist - I don't even want to call him that because he doesn't deserve the title - to do a shockingly awful job. He dyed my roots in a way all of my roots are still showing and didn't even finish blow drying my hair. I walked out of the hair salon with my hair wet. Any by wet, I mean wet. I had water dripping off of it. What a disaster! You can see the 'fabulous' result in my new weekly vlog below. 


  1. OMG I used to live in Southfields!! :) When I spent 6 months in London as an au pair. My host family had a gorgeous house there. I loved the parks there. The only place in London I can recall having a huge hill was Crystal Palace. My friend lived there. Oh, the memories... :)

    But, first of all, I'm really sorry about the hair salon thing. 85 pounds is a lot of money for such a mistake. :( However, I thought the brown hair would really suit you, but I understand that you want to stay blonde.

    Some questions:
    If you were 18 again, what would you do differently in your life? Who's the hottest actor and actress, in your opinion, right now? What do you think of the Brits so far? Can you imagine marrying a Brit? What is your dream man like? What is your favourite low-cost makeup brand? How about a luxurious one? :)

    1. Thanks for all of your questions! I just published my new Q&A video, but I'll make sure to include them in my next one! :)


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