China Glaze In A Lilly Bit Review

Meet the nail polish I've been wearing for one month straight. I don't know what's happening with me. I used to be all about changing my nail colour every couple of days, but lately I've been sticking to just a few of my faves. My last month's obsession was China Glaze's In A Lilly Bit.
China Glaze In A Lilly Bit Review Swatch

The gorgeous light pastel pink shade with a lilac undertone was perfect for spring and brought some very much needed colour to my monochrome outfits. The formula of the nail polish is consistent with the rest of China Glaze's offerings. It is fairly liquidy and requires two to three coats. I'm still waiting for China Glaze to make the brush wider, as I think it would be a lot easier to apply their nail polishes, but while I'm waiting for them to make that happen, I'm happily using Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat, which manages to conceal all mishaps and makes my nails look super glossy! 


  1. Čudovit odtenek, prav nekaj posebnega :) Sama sem na žalost malo razočarana nad China Glaze, prvi lak ki sem ga kupila je Sun Worshipper zaradi čudovite barve, samo je formula nekaj najbolj groznega kar sem kdaj videla pri lakih... sklepam da ostali niso taki? :/

    1. Ahhh, škoda. Formula je sicer bolj tekoče sorte, kar meni na primer tudi ni najbolj pri srcu, ampak ni pa grozna. Kakšen je bil pa tvoj?

  2. Vau, čudovit odtenek! Že celo pomlad hrepenim po nekih sivka odtenkih in ta je res lep:).


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