The Week When I Became an Adult

I still feel like a high schooler, believe it or not, but this week weird things started happening and I'm afraid I might have to start calling myself an adult. Buying microwaves and paying house bills is something I haven't expected to be doing just yet, but it happened, and there's no way back, I'm afraid. There's just one more step to be done in order for my transition to be complete - getting a job. It better be right around the corner with all these bills rolling in! 


  1. I like your vlogs, but why do you always film in your house? It's nicer if you actually film while you're out and about, on the bus, etc, so we can see things, rather than you telling us about it :). Also, when you go out, can you show us your look/GRWM type thing? I find that that is what I enjoy in vlogs, just a tip. I look forward to your haul video!

    1. The reason I don't film outside that often is because I'm not feeling comfortable vlogging in public. People always give me strange looks even if I'm not talking into a camera. I wish I was more confident! When it comes to outfits and makeup, though, I often mean to film them, but forget, haha. I promise to try harder! :P


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