The Week When Halloween & Christmas Collided

Last week I went to my first ever Halloween party! Halloween has never been huge in my home country, so the only form of 'celebration' I'd experienced while still living in Slovenia was carving pumpkins in the comfort of my home. How exciting. Well, things have definitely changed since moving to London, and this year, I not only attended a party, but probably attended the coolest one in town, by the looks of it. It was organized by YouTube Space London and I was lucky enough to be able to come along for the (scary) ride. They really went all out with decorations and even had creepy live actors to scare us! I had great fun, even though I usually don't deal well with scary. I can't even watch horror movies without covering my eyes, screaming and grabbing a person next to me, haha. Apologies to anyone who got to experience that. Anyway, the party was great (just too short), and I even made some new friends, yay! I love seeing our London YouTube family grow. 

Let's talk about Christmas now. Yes, I became one of those annoying people who get excited over Christmas way too soon, but who could blame me?! Christmas festivities are already in full swing here in London. Yes, really. On Sunday, the Oxford Street Christmas lights got switched on (by Kylie Minogue, as you do) and of course I had to be there to see the magic come alive and listen to some awesome music along the way. I think it's safe to say I had a pretty great weekend. Until next time!

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