The Week When I Had Some Visitors

I always love when people from back home come visit me! Not only because I love seeing them in general, but because this is the time I usually put my tourist hat back on and visit the places I don't normally go to on a day to day basis. Having a full time job and some very time consuming hobbies doesn't leave me with a huge amount of time to explore London as much as I wish I could, but whenever I have family or friends stay over, I make sure to do some catching up!

A few weeks ago first my dad and his cousin dropped by for a few days, as they came to see the ATP World Tour Finals (a tennis thingy of some sorts). Our busy schedules unfortunately didn't give us the opportunity to spend more than a couple of hours together, but it was nice seeing them both and I can't wait to properly hang out them and the rest of my family again when I go home for Christmas!

Luckily, my friend Monika arrived a day after they left, so I wasn't feeling too bummed out about not having anyone around me again. My anxiety has gone through the roof recently, and she really couldn't have picked a better time to come stay with me. She kept my mind occupied, forced me to vlog and even filmed some 'proper' videos with me! I can't wait for her to move to London in January and become my designated best buddy/filming assistant. Sorry Monika, but you will be taken advantage of, haha!  

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  1. like the updates. hope u had a great time

    btw New Post in my blog
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