The Week When I Went to Winter Wonderland

Do you ever have a 'catch-up' week? You know the kind of week that just has to be dealt with after you return back from vacation or, like in my case, get rid of the guests, haha?! I'm only kidding with the last statement, of course. I wish I had family and friends stay over all the time, but one thing's for sure. I definitely tend to avoid computer work and household chores while I'm playing the host, which means that I have a serious to-do list to get under control once the guests are gone. Last week was one of those weeks. But instead of showing you how I type my life away or do my laundy (and forget to use the washing detegent), I decided to give an unboxing segment a go, include you in the FaceTime conversation I had with my sister as soon as she turned 18, and take you with me to London's Christmassy amusement park called Winter Wonderland!

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