Christmas with Sandra

I know what you're thinking right now - why the hell is she mentioning Christmas when it's clearly long gone by now, am I right? Don't worry, I'm not stuck in time, nor have I discovered a time machine, unfortunately, I'm simply late with the updates yet again. 

I was lucky enough to be able to take a two-week-long Christmas break this year, so I flew back home to Slovenia to spend the holidays with my family. I kind of disappeared from social media while I was there (the wi-fi very conveniently decided not to cooperate with me), but that doesn't mean I stayed away from technology completely. I actually decided to give daily vlogging a go! It's something I'd always wanted to try and it just seemed like an appropriate time with me being off work and having time to actually film and edit on a daily basis. 

My initial one-vlog-per-day schedule didn't quite work out due to various circumstances, but I still managed to come out with ten videos in the span of two weeks, giving you a glimpse of my (old) life back home and showing you where I come from. 

I put my 'Christmas with Sandra' videos together in a playlist, so you can watch them all in one go below in case you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel and have completely missed them. Once you're finished with the whole series, please make sure to leave me a comment down below telling me which of the vlogs you enjoyed most, as I'd really love to know. I think my personal favourite one is from the day we went skiing!  


  1. Pregledala sem vse vloge in vsi so mi bili zanimivi. Upam, da še kdaj poskusiš daily vlogging :D

    1. Yay, hvala! Na naslednjih konkretnih počitnicah se bom definitivno spet lotila podobne zadeve. Samo upam, da ne bo naslednji dopust šele čez nekaj let prišel na vrsto. :D


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