January Blues

Oh my, oh my. January was one hell of a month. The famous January blues have hit me hard this year, with an unfortunate turn of events and a bunch of shitty people taking my anxiety on a whole new level. These past few weeks were tought and quite possibly the worst weeks of my life. I was mainly busy with trying to power through daily panic attacks and figure out what to do with my life, so you can imagine, vlogging hasn't been on the top of my priority list. I wasn't planning on 'getting back in the game' anytime soon either, as I'm still not completely out of the funk, but then some of you lovely people started asking me what's going on and where I'd disappeared, so I thought I would at least give you an explanation. I honestly didn't think anyone would even notice I was gone, especially since squirrels seemed to be my only buddies recently. But some of you did and I can't express how much your kind words mean to me. You guys are the reason I haven't lost faith in humanity just yet. Now I can only hope karma works and all those inspirational 'life gets hard before it gets much, much better' kind of quotes aren't just one big mumbo jumbo... Right, let's cut this morbid paragraph short now and go watch some less depressing vlogs, shall we? I did have some okay moments despite being a complete mess, and I'm also happy to report I've been feeling much better these past few days. My life is still in a shambles, but I have a new mindset and some exciting events coming up in the near future, which are helping me stay positive. Until next time!

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