Where It All Began

Did you know that I took my first steps into the world of blogging back in 2009? It all started with a travel blog I set up to document my first big trip abroad, the trip to Australia that changed my life in more ways you can imagine. Spending a month on the other side of the world, away from everyone who made me feel like my life is not worth living anymore, has not only made me feel genuinely happy for the first time in over a year, but also gave me the travel bug, and made me fall in love with sharing my thoughts, adventures and creativity online.

Over the years, this little corner of mine has been through many changes. It got a new name, a couple of new looks, gained quite a few readers, then lost a whole bunch, and went from being a travel blog to a fashion blog (yeah, I can't believe it either), a beauty blog and most recently a 'let's just publish my YouTube content on here' blog. It's been with me through all the ups and downs, sometimes offering me a place to pour out my emotions and sometimes being nothing but a burden. 

About six months ago, when every other blogger out there seemed to have been on a mission to let everyone know about their blogging plans and goals for the upcoming year, it became clear to me that 2016 would be a make it or break it year for me and my blog. When I moved to London back in 2014, everything changed. Not necessarily for the better. One of the main reasons I wanted to be here was to focus on creating better content and be closer to exciting opportunities, but life had other plans, and the next two years got taken over by moving, job hunting and general life stress. I never found the time or the energy to blog anymore, I was losing my motivation slowly but surely, and the thought of closing this thing down seemed the only logical next step. Up until recently. 

What changed? I decided to take a break from the craziness that is London, went home to Slovenia for a bit, and reevaluated my life. I came back totally refreshed, with a brand new outlook on life and a mission to make my dream work. Not next year, not in five years time, but now. I quit looking for nine to five jobs and decided to go freelance. As in become my own boss. Yes, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, and yes, this may turn out to be a complete disaster, but one thing's for sure. Life is too short to be treated like a slave and work your ass off to help make someone else's dream come true at the expense of your own. I know I'll have to work harder than I've ever had. I'm not being delusional. I grew up watching my parents building their own businesses and saw how difficult it is. But I also know that doing what you're passionate about and living your life to the fullest is what life is all about. 

So, here's to the fresh start! Just like my career, my blog will be undergoing some changes as well. I'm taking it back to its basics, to where it all began. Don't worry, beauty posts are here to stay, but don't be surprised to see a whole bunch of new travel content, recipe posts, inspiring interviews and even personal spur-of-the-moment ramblings like this. I hope you're ready for the new era, because I most definitely am. Talk to you soon!


  1. great and inspiring! I also love to travel and im currenty thinking of a new trip with post ideas! :)


  2. I'm feeling exactly the same. Extremely inspiring, Sandra! Life is too short not to do what you want right now x


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