Busy May

When you feel like it's been a very long month but also flew by extremely fast, you know you've had a busy one! I guess I set the tempo right after I returned from Val Thorens. The moment we arrived back to the house, I changed my clothes and hiked up the hill to attend the local bonfire night. At 10 pm, after a 12-hour-long roadtrip. Yup, that's how I roll! The reason I was so determined to get there was the fact that I've never been to one before! It's a bit hilarious it took me 24 years, but I'm always abroad during that time of the year, so don't judge. Back in London, I've had quite a few busy days as well. I spent one weekend at the UMA Expo, paying attention to all the tips some of the most successful makeup artist in the industry were giving to us; I got way too excited (and later upset) over Eurovision; enjoyed a few proper summer days out in the sun; filmed a collab with my friend Charli; and saw the preview of Me Before You a few weeks before its release. Me Before You is one of my all time favourite books, so can imagine my reaction when I got an invite to see the adaptation. It has an even more special place in my heart now! Have you seen it yet?

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