Wintery June

June in London does not equal cloudless skies and warm temperatures, I have learned. We had the most terrible, almost winter-like weather up until a few days ago, so I made sure to take advantage of every single sunny day and enjoyed the green and not so green spaces the city has on offer. I've been a proper tourist recently, trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible, until I get shoved out of the country thanks to Brexit, teehee. I'm joking now, but this might turn out to be a real deal in a couple of years' time, so here's to living to the fullest while I still can! Life is a funny thing, and you never know when you'll find yourself cleaning toilets for a living back in your home country... Speaking of future jobs and careers, June was the month when my new website was launched! You may or may not know I decided to go freelance a couple of months ago (still not sure if that was the best or the worst decision I've ever made), and what does every freelancer need? A professional looking website, that's what! You can check mine out over here, and while you're at it, tell your friends about it too pretty please?! I don't want the toilet cleaning situation to become a reality for me. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I think we can all agree I'm not cut out for it. I'd rather to stick to content creating and social media.

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