The Best Lip Products for Fall 2016

The Best Lip Products for Fall 2016

For some reason, I'm crazy excided for fall this year. Usually I would be sitting in the corner and mourning the best season of them all - summer, duh - but not this time around! I'm actually looking forward to foggy crisp mornings, hot sugary drinks, cozy nights in, and amazing fall shades. Not only the ones you can spot in nature! 

I've always had a soft spot for bold burgundy and violet lip numbers, and fall is just the perfect season to rock them, don't you agree? But that's not to say the nudes get to take a time out. They're still very much in front of my makeup drawer, especially if they're matte!

To find out which exactly I'll be carrying in my bag this upcoming season, watch the video below! There's some nude and some bold options, and I made sure to include hand and lip swatches as well this time so that you can see them in all their glory. And remember, don't skidaddle before telling me what you'll be wearing on your lips this fall! 

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