The Forgotten Lipsticks

the forgotten lipsticks

We all have a few makeup items in our beauty collection that we haven’t touched in a while. Some of them get abandoned because they’re just, well, crap, while others end up in the back of our drawers for no aparent reason. Today I’ll be showing you five lipsticks that I love but haven’t used in a really long time. The video is a part of the collab I did with lovely Emily, so don’t forget to check out her video as well. She will also show you five awesome lipsticks she’d forgotten about. You can watch her video here. Now, I want to know, which of your lipsticks you haven’t used in a while?

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  1. LucyTalks
    April 23, 2014 / 5:16 am

    Men so tele Kiko sminke super, mislim za ceno kot so res top! 🙂

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