Sweat Proof Makeup

Today I’ll be talking about the makeup products I use to help make my makeup stay on even when the sweat is literally dripping off my face. I was planning to write this post when I come home from Bali, since the extreme humidity there would be the perfect environment for me to test out the effectiveness of all the products I use during the summer time, but I went to see a basketball game on Thursday, and let me tell you, my face makeup has been put to the test. It was SO hot inside the sports hall! The crowds, no air conditioning, hot basketball players… Phew! I thought my face completely melted off by the time the game ended, but to my surprise, everything stayed in its place. So, I think it’s safe to tell you which particular products worked for me and which products in general I normally incorporate into my daily makeup routine during the summer time.

Primer: I use it very rarely, because I have dry skin and normally don’t have problems with oiliness, but during the summer time even my T-zone needs an occasional help. No one likes to walk around with a shiny face! The primers I use are Benefit’s Porefessional and Etude House’s Pore Ever, which are very similar. Both make my pores less visible, make my skin silky smooth and help my foundation stay on longer. If you’re an oily skin gal, I would definitely recommend you to check them out. Speaking about primers, eye primers are even more important than face primers. They prevent creasing, improve the pigmentation of eyeshadows and make your eye makeup last for ages. Two of my faves are Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and the Milani one.

Foundation: Light and sheer is the way to go. If it’s long lasing as well, it’s even better. I tend to gravitate towards Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum all year round, but for even lighter and more natural summer application, I use a wet makeup sponge. BB creams and CC creams are great for this time of the year as well. I haven’t found the perfect ones for my skin yet, so I don’t use them often, but if you’re not dealing with extreme dry patches, Bourjois CC cream (review here) is a great investment. I wear it when I don’t have much time to do my makeup, because it’s really great at covering redness and making your skin look even.   

Eyeshadow: Cream eyeshadows are the quickest to apply and tend to not fade throughout the day like some powder eyeshadows do. The best I’ve disovered so far are Maybelline Color Tattoos (reviews here, here & here), Jordana’s 12HR Made to Last eyeshadow pencils and Milani Shadow Eyez

Mascara & Eyeliner: Waterproof! I had to say goodbye to my MUD’s Cake Eyeliner for a while, because it activates with water and you can only imagine what happens when I get sweaty around my eyes. Yikes. For this reason, I just got myself the Milani Eye Tech Extreme, which is supposed to be super waterproof. And when it comes to mascaras, well, I actually never had a waterproof one, haha. I just couldn’t find any good formulas that would work for my lashes, but if you can find one for yourself, go for it. I’ll be sticking with my new favourite, Jordana Best Lash Extreme, which does not smudge and keeps my eyelashes curled all day long. It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s waterproof, but I’m pretty much convinced it is by now. It. Does. Not. Budge. It survives sweat and rain. I just have the pool/ocean test left to do now. I’ll keep you updated!

Lip products: During the summer time, I gravitate towards sheer lipsticks, lip glosses and lip stains (in case I’m feeling a nice long-lasting red lip). I just wrote a post about my favourite sheer summer lipsticks, so you can check out my picks here. As far as lip glosses go, I’m currently loving NYX Butter Glosses (review here) and Clarins Lip Perfectors (review here), while my go-to lip stains are Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints (review here). 

Blush: Just like with eyeshadow, I gravitate more towards cream products, as I don’t want to cake on too much powder when I know I might be sweating. It’s just not a good look. And I find that cream blushes also tend to give a nice glow to my cheeks, which means that I can skip the highlighter.

Powder: A very necessary step that helps me set the rest of my makeup and eliminate the innitial shininess. My long time favourite setting powder is Rimmel’s Stay Matte.

Setting Spray: This is the product that goes on my face at the very end. I just purchased Urban Decay’s All Nighter, and I’m happy to report it works wonderfully. I mean, you still sweat and get a bit shiny, but at least your makeup doesn’t move or gets eaten by your own skin.

Blotting Sheets: This is the on-the-go version of a setting powder. In the summer, it’s better not to cake on layers of extra powder whenever your face goes shiny. Blotting the oil with blotting sheets is way better for your skin. And just in case you run out of them unexpectedly, the toilet seat covers actually do the same job. 😀


  1. Coco N
    July 27, 2014 / 1:47 am

    I don't need setting spray on a regular basis but for very humid and hot places it helps a ton! xx

  2. Taya
    July 27, 2014 / 8:30 am

    Odličen post in se strinjam z vsem, če delam makeup poleti, tudi sama uporabljam podobne izdelke, edino setting spraya nobenega nimam.

  3. Shadow
    July 27, 2014 / 10:37 pm

    great post! i don't use any make up right now (lipbalms only) but if i wear mascara, it will stay on me for another 4 days no matter how hard i try to take it down… and then when i get out of the sea, i have mascara under my eyes :/ and that happens even with the waterproof one!

  4. Lisa S.
    August 7, 2014 / 10:21 am

    I can only agree with almost all tips you gave here. I love my waterproof mascara and my setting powder. Cream blushes and eyeshadow are my saviors on hot summer days.Only blotting paper doesn´t really seem to work with my make up. It does not only take the oil off but also most of my make up leaving me looking really weird. So thats a no to that.But everythng else is definitely what I am looking for in summer.xx LisaFollowing Lisa

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