Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I’ve been planning to put together several Christmas gift guides throughout the month of December, but as it seems to be a common theme here on my blog this year, I ran out of time. It’s been a very busy month with a lot of failed plans, actually. Another one of them was getting my Christmas shopping done on time, before the frenzy began, yet here I am, still running around like a crazy person, looking for some last-minute bits and pieces. If you’re the same as me, you might appreciate today’s post! I gathered some of my favourite items I like to receive or give for Christmas, so fingers crossed I can help you get some ideas!

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Unless you manage to find the absolute perfect outfit for someone and get the size right as well, cozy pajamas, loungewear, underwear and cute slippers are the way to go in my opinion! Primark and Victoria’s Secret are my usual destinations for such items. Primark always carries adorable and fuzzy PJs which don’t break the bank, while Victoria’s Secret is on the pricier side, but their PINK panties and leggings are definitely worth the occasional splurge.

If you’re looking for something more basic, but still of high quality, though, check out Boody. I was introduced to this brand earlier this year, and I’m sure their eco garments would be the perfect gift for any Earth conscious person in your life. They are made from organic bamboo, are super soft and have a whole bunch of other amazing properties you can read more about here. If you do end up making a purchase, don’t forget to use the code PUZZLE15 to get 15% off!

On another note, jewellery could be an amazing present as well. My sister and I love wearing dainty necklaces and you can never have too many of those. They go well with casual as well as fancy outfits and are great for layering!

Books, movies, music… you can never go wrong with that! You just have to know the person’s taste and you’re good. If you know any makeup addicts, consider getting them Lisa Eldridge’s Facepaint. It’s a highly sought after book about the history of makeup, and I’m pretty sure it’s brilliant, even though I haven’t started reading it yet. Lisa Eldridge is my biggest inspiration when it comes to makeup artistry, and I’ve been trying to get my hands on her book since its release in August! I’m glad I can finally call it mine, and I can’t wait to read it from the first to the last page.

When it comes to movies and music, there’s obviously more than plenty to choose from, but my personal recommendations would be Adele’s 25 (no explanation needed) and Whiplash, by far the best film I’ve seen this year. Everything about it is brilliant.

Everyone likes food. Need I say more? To make it a little more special, I always try to hunt down some items that are not available where a person lives (yes, buying presents for my family is a lot easier now that I live in England) or just something with a twist. One of the things I brought home last year was a set of differently flavoured hot chocolates, which I wouldn’t mind receiving myself to be honest. I secretly hope my family didn’t drink it all, because I would love to try the vanilla one. And the cinnamon one. And the hazelnut one. And the orange one. And the white one as well. Maybe I should just go buy my own set?!

My school days are long gone now, but shopping for cute stationery is still something I do on a regular basis. Here in England we have a store called Paperchase that makes me feel like I’m in stationery heaven every time I step inside. They always have cute notebooks, list pads, desk accessories and yearly diaries, which can be super convenient gifts to receive right before the beginning of a new year.

They also carry lots of little home accessories, which is another category worth exploring when you’re looking for gifts. Mugs, phone cases and candles are all great choices! If you’re looking for delicious Christmassy scents, check out these. Not only do they smell amazing and last for ages, but they also look cute! Think glitters and mini crystal stones. Very festive.

I know this category doesn’t apply to every single person out there (hey, not everyone is crazy about makeup), but since this is a partially beauty blog, I thought you guys might appreciate my suggestions, especially if you’re not a make-up adddict yourself and have no idea what to get one!

I personally am happy with any beauty item I get, because I love trying out anything and everything, but the products I think are especially appropriate to give as gifts are eyeshadow palettes, high end lipsticks, perfumes, nail polish and hand creams, the last two being safer and more affordable options. With plenty of shades and scents on offer, they’re the perfect stocking stuffers!

However, if you’re looking for the ‘main gift’, the first three options are better choices, as they’re slightly more expensive and usually considered a treat. Some of the most popular eyeshadow palettes out there are Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes, the Lorac Pro Palette and theBalm’s Nude ‘Tude Palette, each costing around €40. But don’t worry if that’s over your budget. Some companies offer high quality make-up for much lower prices. These Wet’n’Wild palettes are just as good as the high end ones! The packaging doesn’t look as sleek, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

I don’t have any super specific recommendations as far as lipsticks go. They’re so many different formulas and shades out there, it’s hard not to find the perfect match, but if I’d be treating myself to one this Christmas, I’d probably look into Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution and YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipsticks. The packaging of both is drop dead gorgeous, while the formulas couldn’t be more different. Bold, matte look is what you’ll get with Charlotte Tilburry, whereas the YSL ones are on the shinier, buttery side. Oh, and I have one more lip product recommendation – the famous OCC Lip Tar liquid lipsticks! Most suitable for my fellow make-up artist or vegans, they come in every shade imaginable and have the strongest pigmentation!

Last but not least… perfumes. I only have one advice when it comes to fragrances. If you know the exact scent/perfume a person wants to add to their collection, go for it. Otherwise, don’t bother. I’m very picky when it comes to scents, so most of the ones that were given to me or bought with my own money just because the bottle looked cute unfortunately have a decorative purpose only now. I need to give them away, really. Free perfume, anyone? My actual collection of the perfumes I use on a daily basis is tiny, and so is my perfume wishlist. The only one I have on my to-buy list right now is Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia. I’ve been wanting it for a year now, but I’m not allowing myself to buy it before I use up all the others! Or at least one of them… 


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    December 22, 2015 / 2:04 am

    Great ideas! Those slipper boots look so warm and comfy-OliviaMiss Olivia Says

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    November 7, 2016 / 8:10 am

    Absolutely gorgeous pieces!

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