How to Conceal Imperfections

How to conceal imperfections. How to cover dark under eye circles, redness and acne.

I don’t think it’s wrong for me to say that us women wear makeup for mainly two reasons: to conceal and to enhance. Agree? Today we’ll be focusing on that first part. Dark under eye circles, redness and pimples are imperfections all of us have to deal with at one point or another, and I know how ridiculously annoying they can be when you’re trying to achieve flawless complexion. I myself was ‘blessed’ with thin, almost see-through skin and if there’s anyone out there who knows the struggles a multi-colored face brings, it’s me. Lucky for you, years of experience and a professional makeup course later have left me with a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve that I’m now happy to share with you guys. All you have to do to learn everything from A to Z is press the play button below, sit back and relax. And don’t let the mention of green and orange concealers freak you out! I promise you’re going to thank me later. 

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