Kombucha has been around for thousands of years, so I’m not sure how it’s taken me so long to catch on, but this fermented tea beverage, rich in antioxidants and probiotics, now finally has a permanent spot in my fridge. It’s a wonderful alternative to fizzy, sugary drinks and also pairs great with booze! With 30-degree weather ahead, it’s just the right time time to give some refreshing kombucha cocktails a try. Keep scrolling – four easy kombucha cocktail recipes for the summer are waiting for you below! 

4 Refreshing Kombucha Cocktails: Easy Kombucha Cocktail Recipes for the Summer

4 Refreshing Kombucha Cocktails: Easy Kombucha Cocktail Recipes for the Summer


There’s no summer without sangria! Am I right? My version is far from traditional, but just as delish if you ask me – I’ve swapped the red wine for rosé, oranges and apples for strawberries and peaches, and sparkling water for the original BeLife Kombucha.

For one drink, you’re first going to need about a half of a peach and a handful or two of strawberries. Go ahead and cut them in small pieces, then put them in a glass (or a bowl if you’re making sangria for more people), sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar on top and let it macerate for about 30 minutes at room temperature. This will give the drink a nice sweet flavour!  

Then mix in a few mint leaves and some lemon juice (I squeezed 1/2 lemon) for a refreshing kick, and lastly, add ice, rose and original kombucha. I eyeballed approximately one splash of rose and two splashes of kombucha. 

Kombucha Rosé Sangria Cocktail Recipe


If you’re up for something tangy rather than sweet, give kombucha mule a go. It only takes a second to mix one splash of vodka, a half a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice and three splashes of kombucha. This time I went for the BeLife Ginger and Lemon Grass to replace the ginger beer that would usually go into Moscow mule. Oh, and don’t forget the ice cubes!

Kombucha Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe


Another vodka-based concoction I put together is raspberry kombucha mojito! Well, not technically a mojito, since I used vodka instead of white rum that I didn’t have around, but I hope cocktail gods will forgive me. I simply pureed one cup of raspberries and added in ice cubes, one splash of vodka and three splashes of the fruity BeLife Fruit Fairytale Kombucha – this is my absolute fave!

Kombucha Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

By the way, BeLife Kombucha is actually the first Slovene kombucha, made with the traditional method of fermentation. It comes in four different flavours that you can find in Slovenia’s Spar supermarkets or buy online in their own online store.

BeLife Kombuča


Not every hour is a happy hour. If you want something sans alcohol for a morning refresher, this citrus kombucha mocktail will give you a good boost of energy! With a spoonful of honey mix a tad of freshly squeezed lemon juice, orange juice and orange-based kombucha like the Orange BeLife Kombucha, which also has a dash of ginger and goji berries.

Kombucha Citrus Mocktail Recipe

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