My mom is obsessed with alpacas. Ever since one of our hosts in New Zealand introduced us to his fluffy duo, they’ve been on her mind 24/7. If you thought my profile on Instagram was her favourite, I regret to disappoint you – it’s Alfie the alpaca’s. So when her birthday rolled around, my sister and I just knew we have to come up with some sort of an alpaca-themed surprise. Luckily for my bank account, we didn’t have to fly her all the way to Peru. We managed to find the perfect alpaca experience at Alpacas Hill (The Novak Farm) in Strojna, the highest village in Slovenia, not far away from the town called Ravne na Koroškem.

Alpacas Hill, Koroska, Slovenia

After being introduced to the adorable Madeira, Tenerifa, Odoma and Logi (now also joined by Pančo and Wolke), we gave them some treats and took them for a short walk to the nearby hill with Tajda, a lovely young owner, who showered us with interesting alpaca facts. Speaking of which – did you know they have to get their teeth trimmed?! This has really taken me by surprise…

Alpacas Hill Experience, Koroska, Slovenia
Strojna, Koroska, Slovenia

At the top of the hill, you are greeted with a generous charcuterie board full of delicious local produce (and a birthday cake in our case). All laid out perfectly on the table under a pavilion, with spectacular views of the surrounding rolling hills to top it all off! Then and there, you are left to your own devices to enjoy the food and interact with the alpacas, while they usually munch on the grass behind. 

Charcuterie Board, Alpacas Hill Experience, Koroska, Slovenia
Alpacas, Koroska, Slovenia
Alpacas Hill Birthday, Koroska, Slovenia

Yes, the alpacas stay and you’re in charge of brining them back to the farm! I was a bit worried about getting their leash back on, but fear not, they’re super chill and easily bribed with the dry food you’re left with. And they don’t spit like their llama cousins either. Phew! 

Walking with Alpacas, Koroska, Slovenia

The whole Alpacas Hill experience lasts for a few hours and is PERFECT for families with kids, birthday celebrations or even a low-key bachelorette party! You can reserve your visit and slot via their phone (+38641289692) or e-mail ( The price is 15€ for an adult and 8€ for a child between the ages of 3 and 15. Younger children can join free of charge, and all the food is included in the price too! 

Alpaca, Slovenia
Goats, Strojna, Slovenia

Check out my vlog from the day to see what else I’d been up to in the area and one of my friend Helene’s articles too for even more ideas! She has a very thorough piece on great spots to visit in Koroška.

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